A Dedication to My Dad Hank Tuynman

Dry Seals Australia is dedicated to my late father Hank Tuynman who passed away in 2015 Hank was a master of detail regarding silicone technologies.

Hank started his early life career as a sales rep working for Dow Corning in Sydney selling Silicone products to manufacturers. In 1974 Hank Tuynman formed his own silicone rubber company of which he worked in , developing new technologies and products until his sudden And unfortunate death in mid 2015.

It was through Hank my fathers wealth of Knowledge working with silicone for 50 years that Dry Seals was able to develop the wide range of Seals we have on offer for use in the facade industry for filling the Joints using a Dry Seal over a wet seal today.

David & Hank Tuynman
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Dry Seals Facade sealing solutions is the future in architectural panel systems for filling joints quickly, effectively and efficiently with little to no waste of cured silicone products or empty silicone plastic wet seal cartridges of which on an average building sites runs into the 1000’s even 10’s of thousands to add to that waste we have a massive waste of wet seal sealant, foam backer rod and tape.

Silicone has been used to seal building interiors and exteriors for close to a century because silicone sealants are ultraviolet (uv) stabilised and are resistant to harsh weather environments such as freezing cold and extreme heat. This is because the operational temperature range of silicone is -50 deg C to 250 deg C. However construction specifiers have been turning to pre cured silicone seals for the past few decades because a pre cured sealant system can handle at least 100 percent more expansion and at least 25 more compression movement than traditional ‘liquid applied ‘elastomeric sealants.


This makes Dry Seals a far superior option to using a wet seals solution. A wet seal solution to filling joints  is enormously damaging to our environment as the amount of waste material generated worldwide is only adding to the severe global epidemic  our planet earth is already facing due to the amount of plastic waste mankind is already generating.


As the population increases more and more buildings are going to be built to accommodate a already over populated world and if the problems of today’s technologies are not changed when we have solutions to change them, then our planet will just spiral out of control!


At Dry Seals we have harnessed  this technology by creating a series of cured silicone extrusions that we call Dry Seals.


The Dry Seals joint sealing technic takes the Wet Seal caulking method out of the equation by:

• Reducing the amount of wet seal by 99%

• Eliminating the use of backing rod used in the wet seal method

• No taping up with blue tape

• Time and ease of  installation

• Less labour

• Greatly Improved Aesthetics

• The list goes on

So what is a cured silicone Dry Seal?

A cured silicone dry seal is a solid state silicone extrusion manufactured in Sydney Australia with 100% silicone elastomeric materials of the world’s highest standards of silicone available today.


Dry Seals silicone has unique properties unto other materials on the market and it can withstand extreme cold and severe heat with a temperature range of -50deg C – 250degC. Cured silicone is also resistant to UV and saltwater which gives it extremely long service life due to its excellent weathering resistance.


Key benefits our users experience include:

• Aesthetics far out way a wet seal giving it a clean straight even look for superior to wet seal

• Fast and easy installation compared to wet seal sealants

• Elimination of the time costly backing rod filling technique required with liquid sealants as its replaced with a solid silicone seal

• Extremely long service life due to excellent weathering and UV resistance in the harshest environments

• Custom made profile to match design specifications

• Controlled shape against joint variation to improve aesthetics

• Available in a variety of colours


Dry Seals also has a huge benefit to the environment by eliminating all the wet seals you remove all the plastic cartridge waste. On an average size building construction site the wasted cartridges run into the thousands. This of course is enormously damaging our environment and let me tell you around the world the amount of cartridges add up the usage of these cartridges is staggering take a look at the following bullet points to get an idea of the numbers


• More than 2.5 billion cartridges end up in landfills every year

• Stacked end-to-end that many 21-cm or 8” without nozzles would reach the moon and beyond

• Taking up 1 million cubic meters or 3.281 million cubic feet of land fill space

• Cartridge waste occupies greater than 80 times the volume of the titanic

• So as you can imagine as the world population grows so will the amount of buildings being built

• Dry Seals is a solution to a massive worldwide plastic epidemic

Just by using our Cured Silicone DRY SEALS over a Wet Seal, you are contributing your part of the global community to help combat climate change head on within your organization.


A little change makes a big difference!


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